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Types of Compact Discs

5 types of compact discs

Welcome back to CDpricecompare! There are several types of compact discs, however, they have the same purpose: store digital data. All compact discs store information in pits on a thin film of aluminum over a 1.2 mm thick plastic disc.

The 5 types of compact discs are:


It means “read only memory” and refers to all prerecorded compact discs that hold music. Music is recorded and burned into the CD by the vendor and cannot be changed or erased. These compact discs can be played on a standard CD player and contain 650 megabytes (MB) of storage-about 700 floppy disks.


The Mini CD is 80 mm wide (equivalent to 3 inches). It has 210 megabytes of information or a maximum of 24 minutes of music. The depression that a normal size of company disc fits into also contain a smaller well in the center that hold a Mini-CD. Most of the time, Mini CDs are used to record a single song but they are also used by companies for advertising purposes.


Here, R stands for recordable. The disc allows the user to record music or data only once. While some of these discs hold as much as 80 minutes of music, the usual capacity is 74 minutes of data or music storage available. Just like a floppy disk, a CD-R can be used to

store a wide variety of digital information. Once the data is recorded into the disc, it must be burned in by a CD burner (available in most computers) to make it a permanent part of the CD-R.


Though the R in CD+R stands for recordable, this type of disc is slightly different from CD-R. The R+ feature double layer technology which allows the disc to hold double the amount of data compared to an ordinary CD-R.


CD-RW or compact disc rewritable is a disc that enables you to record, erase and rerecord several times. Unlike standard CDs, rewritable discs require sensitive optics and cannot be read by most readers built before the introduction of CD-RW technology.

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