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How to Relieve Desk Pains

Many people, even school children, suffer neck and shoulder pain during their life. Almost everyone becomes limited in their ability to turn their head and lift their arms up with the progression of years. Often we notice the neck and shoulder injury when we get up from our work station, our kitchen table, our piano, or any other nonviolent but repetitive activity we engage in. Neck and shoulder pain should not be regarded as part of a package deal which comes with our computers. There are ways to protect ourselves against it and ways to relieve ourselves from it.

How Your Desk is Hurting You

What do we often do when we discover our neck and shoulders are stiff? We turn our head from side to side, up and down again and again, we frantically roll our shoulders back and forth, hoping to “untie the knots”, to free ourselves from the pain – in vain. Instead, while trying to relieve the strain and pain we often injure ourselves even further – making things worse. Then, trying to avoid painful movements in one area, we often strain other areas.

Most neck and shoulder pain is caused by poor posture and poor movement habits formed by faulty learning, usually beginning in childhood. When the movement in our back, neck and shoulders is disorganized, some of the forces generated by our muscles create friction that, over time, destroys body tissue and leads to injury and pain. Even when neck and shoulder pain is the result of accidents or illness, unfortunately, when we try to protect ourselves from the pain, we create new bad movement habits that cause us even more pain and could lead to chronic pain. No matter the cause of the pain, the speed at which pain can be resolved goes right back to movement habits learned in childhood and adulthood, and to our ability to learn new patterns of movement, of thinking, and of awareness.

How to Stop the Pain

Scheduling a massage therapy appointment is your best solution for dealing with this pain. Massages are very helpful for the whole body they relieve stress and improve blood circulation. Body massage is a great way to heal the body. There are different types of massages and the most preferred one is the oil massage.

Oil massage is the best way of relaxation for the whole body. There are different types of oils used for massaging the body. Each oil has its own properties to heal, relax, and strengthen the body and immune system. There are many benefits of massage. Oil massage has been in practice for thousand of years and it is not a new way to stay healthy.

If you are stressed then you can use apricot kernel oil for massage. Borage oil massage is good for eczema and psoriasis, olive oil is good for relieving stiffness, Emu oil is good for arthritis, Kukui nut oil and Sweet almond oil massage have good anti-inflammatory properties. You need to first know whether you are allergic to these oils and then use it for massage. The massage oils have very good beneficial effects on the body

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