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Learn about Car Stereos

For passionate car lovers who have an ear for music, getting a good car audio system for the vehicle of their choice is like the best thing under the sun. They can soothe their senses while on the drive and forget the rest of the word. While modern cars nowadays come with sophisticated in-built car stereo systems, most car owners still prefer to go their own way and get the car music systems fitted separately once they have the vehicle with them. A great sound system and frequent auto detailing can change the aesthetic of a vehicle older sliced bread entirely. Read more about auto detailing and supplies here:

If you have not yet had an encounter with car stereos, then you will be having a hard time in the car shop deciding which car stereo to choose out of the numerous models on display. Nowadays car stereo manufacturers have started making compact systems with more functionality packed in a single unit. But it is often seen that such systems usually do not last long. Hence you must know your preferences while going to buy a music system for your car.

Types of Car Stereos

Basically there are three types of car audio systems – First the old tape cassette players which have become outdated now, second the CD/DVD players with multi-disc changer and thirdly the USB players and iPod car accessories. While in the CD players you will have to carry your discs along with you wherever you go, the USB players have an added advantage of reading music tracks directly from pen-drive and memory sticks which makes it simpler to use and carry. According to your ease of use, you can choose any one of them for your car.

Different Parts

The car music systems are usually made up of the following basic components: the main unit, amplifiers, speakers and sometimes additional subwoofers. The music system company will only sell you the components of the system. To get them installed in your car you will need to take it to a car technician who knows how to install the system in your car.

About the Speakers

Most car stereo system head units come with built-in amplifiers, but it is the external amplifiers with more power, that make a better car stereo system accessory, because you can easily adjust the bass level, mid-range and higher frequencies in them- all separately for a balanced stereo system.

There are many types of speakers, shapes, sizes and locations- where it is to be mounted and power requirements are the topmost considerations for building a car audio system. First, find out which audio system speakers fit best in your car. Consider speakers for all the sides- front, center and rear for a complete stereo system. Then, match the power output of the system amplifiers or head units to the power handling capacity of the audio system speakers.